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Stanley Hall

As many of you know by now, I left Genentech in September to join UC Berkeley as the Chief Scientist of the Genome Commons. I’m part of QB3, the California Institute for Quantitative Biology (no I don’t understand the abbreviation either).

I’m collaborating with Steven Brenner, Jasper Rine, and Lior Pachter at Berkeley, and Robert Nussbaum and Bernie Lo at UCSF, to address the technical, scientific, clinical, and ethical opportunities associated with interpreting genomic data. It’s an exciting time and an exciting place.

To be sure, I’ll be posting a lot more about that here.

How is it that someone like me, i.e. with substantial geek tendencies, goes this long without blogging? At one time, I surely thought that the young whippersnappers were wasting their time with this blogging thing. I mean, get real, who’s gonna read this crap? It turns out lots of people do.

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